'The pressure to perform is getting bigger and bigger'

Isa Miller (18) is almost completing her first year of the study Communication. She still has a long way to go at Fontys, but is already thinking about her next study. And about worries that come with the future. Like the ever-increasing performance pressure, for example.

Isa Miller"I'm in my first year of college, so I have some time to go. But for now, I do think I want to continue studying after this. That's one wish. Another wish is to find my own living space. Most likely I'll get a student room in August, but that's not quite certain yet. Many people have trouble finding a room, but trust me: Facebook groups are key.

The only problem is that a lot of people want you to move in from August, but I don't really want to move in until September because it saves costs. I'm still living with my parents now, so financially I'm managing just fine. But I do dread having to start a loan soon.

Anyhow: I will have to, otherwise I won't be able to make ends meet. I can't work full-time because then I would not have time for my studies. My plan is to keep working as a sideline and to borrow the rent. I do not want to and end up with a huge student debt. 

The money issue is my biggest worry, but I'm also worried about other things. Finding a nice house, for example. But that's a worry for later, because I am not yet thinking about my adult life and possibly starting a family. I don't know if I even want children in the future. The world is changing in a bad direction.

Everything is getting much more expensive and the pressure to perform is skyrocketing. I experience a lot of stress because of that. I already put pressure on myself and on top of that I feel a lot of pressure from outside. Perform, perform, perform. Everything is all about performing. Especially in high school it was really hard. I always had to do better. Always get better grades. Always be able to do more.

Money, student debt, wages lagging behind inflation. There are plenty of things to worry about, but I try to think about them as little as possible. We'll see what happens. Let it go." [Karen Luiken]