The lack of room is Ivo's main concern

Ivo BouwmanIvo Bouwman is in his first year of the study Mechatronics. The school subjects are difficult, his future is uncertain.  Nonetheless, this student is very committed to graduate as soon as possible.

“This is my first study, I started about six months ago. My wish is to complete this as soon as possible. Preferably within four years, but if I succeed within five years, I’ll be satisfied too. That’s acceptable.

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do next. It could be anything. The future is completely open. I haven’t thought very hard yet about which field I want to end up in. Hopefully I’ll find out by doing internships.

At first I wanted to become a biologist. I gave up that wish halfway through high school because I liked technology more than biology. I did have biology as my final exam subject, but I decided not to do anything with it. This study suits me better. Much better.

If you’d ask me where I’ll be in three years, I’d say I’m still busy studying. In five years time I’ll most likely be working in the corporate world. Maybe I’ll start my own business, but I have to gain more experience first before I can make that choice. And in ten years? No idea. I’m not looking that far ahead.

Right now I mostly worry about the lack of room. I still live with my parents in Breda, but I really want to live on my own in Eindhoven. In fact, I’m waiting for an email that should tell me whether I’ve been drawn for a living space. But if that will be the case? About 200 people signed up for this specific room.

Another and last concern that I have is based on the study Mechatronics. The courses are very difficult. I hope I'll pass all my courses. It is a fun study, but also a tough one.” [Karen Luiken]