Selin wants to pursue all of her dreams

Pursuing a career in journalism, working as a communication specialist at the police force or finally enjoying a singing career. Communication student Selin Göğebakan has a lot of dreams for the future and keeps all of her options open.

Selin Göğebakan“When I was younger I dreamed of a job as a police officer. Later, I wanted to become a crime reporter. But when I realised the dangers that crime reporters and police officers can face, I put those possibilities aside. Look at Peter R. de Vries for instance. I don’t want to run that risk during work or a day off.

Now I aspire to be a communication specialist within the police force. A job where I can combine both my interests: crime and journalism. Apart from my job, I also want to start a singing career. I’ve been singing since I was a little kid and in June I’ll kick off a professional account where I’m going to post videos. 

That feels like a dream coming true, but it also requires a tough skin. Because people will always try to say something bad about you, even if it is not true.

Where I see myself in five years? No idea yet. I would love to work at the police so I can still put my curiosity, interest in crime and journalism skills to good use. But if I can make my money with singing, I’d rather choose that. Because that is my real passion.” [Noëlle van den Berg]