'My whole life is about my study and nothing else'

Amish Badloe (20) is just about to finish his third year as a Finance and Control Student. All his wishes and worries are about his near future. Or to be more precise: about finishing his study. 

“I hope I can quickly start my pre-master. Sure, a gap year would be nice. But I would rather have that year off after my graduation. Next year I plan to do a minor Financial Planning. My study is not exactly the easiest one. And I heard the pre-master is even more difficult, so that really worries me.

I am really looking forward to finishing my study. My whole life is about school right now and nothing else. I do not have a side job, nor do I have a relationship. Everything is about Fontys, about Finance and Control. 

I am sure that once I am finished I will be very relieved to have nothing on my mind for a while. At least it will not be about this study. Because at Fontys they are really very good in keeping you occupied all the time.

Apart from my study concerns, I do not have a lot of worries. There is plenty of work in accountancy. Sure, automation has made some work completely redundant. But that mainly affects jobs on the mbo level. At my level, you also need to keep up or robots will take over. But if you aim for the highest study level, as I do, it should not be a problem.

I also know what I will do once I have finished my study. I want to take over my fathers company. He runs a small administration business. But first I'll find a job elsewhere and do that for about two years. Just to make sure I make the right decision when I am following the footsteps of my father. You never know, I might like some other job better. But a worry, it is not." [Jan Ligthart]