Lia yearns for a life full of sun, sea and beach

The 35-year-old Lia Visser is full of wishes and ambitions. In the next few years she wants to focus on her career and her happy life, then she hopes to move to Bali. But before that happens: first she has to finish her master at Fontys.

Lia Visser“I started the master Learning & Innovation a year and a half ago and I hope to finish it before September. Every Thursday I’m at Fontys, the other days I work for ROC Tilburg.

The reason why I started this master is because I wanted to do something extra with education. So beside teaching - I am a teacher - I would like to have another role within the organization of ROC. I want to have more influence on the education we offer. I want to become a team supervisor and the go-to person when it comes to educational innovation.

For now, it’s an ambition. The discussions with my boss have yet to take place, but I think that in the long term there must be possibilities. That is also where my concern for the future comes in: I am afraid that nothing will happen careerwise. That I will continue to do what I'm doing now and that my master's degree - in addition to a lot of extra knowledge, of course - has yielded nothing. It would be a shame if my ambition could not be realized.

Another wish that I have is that my boyfriend and I will emigrate to Bali in about six years. We've been there a few times and are going again this summer to see if we see ourselves live there for a longer period of time. I don't see myself growing old in the Netherlands. Sun, sea, beach, a cottage by the water. That is what I hope for someday.

I don't have any worries about the future. We have a nice house, a beautiful vacation home, we want to see a lot of the world, everything is stable. Of course: I worry about the war and sustainability, but if we talk about personal worries, I don’t have them.” [Karen Luiken]

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