Hannah: "I want to make a difference in the world"

Hannah van den Hurk is a fourth year student International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies (IEMES) in Tilburg. She’s a creative soul who wants to make a difference in the world. “We only have one planet, we need to take better care of it.”

“When I think about the future I see changes and opportunities. I’m convinced we can turn things around and make our planet a better place. And I want to be part of that change. Maybe it sounds a bit pompous, but I really believe I can make a difference. I think everybody can have an impact on the world, big or small.

Last year I participated in a SDG-project in Tilburg. The SDG is a list of 17 sustainable development goals prepared by the United Nations; an urgent call for action by all countries in a global partnership. We organized a sustainability-event for businesses in the area of Tilburg. Together we can develop strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth.

I’m a vegetarian and I’ve always been conscious of my ecological footprint. But the minor philosophy and ethics really opened my eyes. It changed my perspectives on the world and how I see myself. Things aren’t black and white but different shades of grey. It’s important to see the shading.

A few years ago I dreamt of a career in the television industry, but that dream has passed. Now I put my mind on working in the creative business. I would love to work in the cultural sector. Preferably in a small organization that combines culture and sustainability. Money is absolutely not important, a good work environment and nice colleagues are! To make a difference together, that’s my aim. [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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Bedankt voor uw bericht.
Raymond van Brussel
Mooi Hannah, zo bevlogen heb ik je vorig jaar ook vaak gezien tijdens de projecten waar je aan werkte!
Frank Slijpen
Super Hannah!
Rob van den Hurk
Je bent goed bezig dochter, dat kan alleen een trotse vader schrijven. Ben het ook helemaal met je eens. Bewustwording van onze omgeving is belangrijk, met alles erop en eraan.