Gieke dreams of launching her own company

Gieke van Bommel is 21 years old and has already launched her first online business: Loose Tea. This study project made her realise that she has an important goal in her professional life. Within ten years she wants to start her own company. That’s exactly her cup of tea.


Gieke “I always dream big. Running my own company is one of the dreams I like to fulfill during my career. That’s why I study Commercial Economics – Digital Business Concepts. This study combines the commercial aspect of business with the creative aspect of marketing. For me that is a perfect combination.

This year I have set up an online company for biological tea with two classmates. We started from scratch and developed a marketing strategy and designed a website. A few months ago Loose Tea went online. Since then we have been making money with the sale of biological tea. How awesome is that!

Meanwhile we finished the project but we have decided to continue our tea company. Who knows, maybe one day we will be as big as Pickwick. Dream big, right.

After my studies I want to work for a few digital marketing agencies so I can learn the tricks of the trade and experience this business in real life. Then, in five to ten years, I want to launch my own agency for digital marketing.

I strongly believe in the power of digital technologies. Some people fear the algorithms in new software, but I believe they can take us further. If we handle them with care, algorithms will provide us with better infrastructure. Online as well as offline.” [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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