Christon can’t wait to go back to Sint Maarten

Christon Holiday, second year student Physiotherapy, is not really happy this year. He’s struggling with his feelings and doubts himself a lot. His biggest wish for the future: to become and to stay mentally healthy.

Christon Holliday“Within a few years, when I have finished my studies and have some workexperience, I hope to move back to Sint Maarten, the place I grew up and lived for most of my life. I miss that island. I miss the people, the sun, the island life… 

But first I want to finish my study Physiotherapy. I know how important a bachelor degree can be. Some of my close friends dropped out of college and they regret it every day. So for me, dropping out is not an option.

Although I often feel slightly depressed, I try to stay positive and look at the bright side of life. I sport a lot, play volleyball four times a week. And I like to play games on my computer. Maybe I like that a bit too much. I know that doesn't always benefit my studies. But then again, without hobbies life would be boring.

For now I focus on mentally getting better, because I have not felt really happy in a long time. I think that started at the beginning of this college year and I made the mistake of not talking to anybody about it. Finally I opened up about my problems and I am now getting help from Fontys to deal with my issues. That is an important step for me.

And in a few years, after I’ve graduated, I’ll go back to the sun. Back to Sint Maarten. To be honest, I cannot wait. [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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Bedankt voor uw bericht.

I am glad to hear you opened up to people around you.
Good luck Christon!
Kind regards.