'Ultimately, I want a job in Eindhoven'

Travel far, pursue a master's degree or get that ambitious job that everyone wants. For Bo Berndsen, third year student International Business in Eindhoven, it is difficult to decide what her ultimate dream is. 

“I find it quite hard to already state what I want to do with my life as soon as I graduate. My study is so broadly orientated that I know a bit about everything. But I didn’t really specialize in one area. And that makes it more difficult to make certain choices, especially career wise. 

I'm from Eindhoven, I study here and I eventually and ultimately want to work here as well. I would prefer a great job at Philips, but running my own department within a health care institution in the area also sounds fantastic. And Eindhoven provides the best opportunities. 

But before that happens, I still have to finish my minor, do a second internship and graduate. What life will be like after that? No idea. 

What I do know is that I will end up with a student debt. But I don’t know yet if I'm going to work and pay it off as soon as possible, or first enjoy myself by travelling. I'll just see how it goes. In either case I am convinced that everything will work out.” [Noëlle van den Berg] 

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