COLUMN, Rina Manjrekar,

The season to be jolly

Eindhoven is changing colours. I sit on my balcony staring out at the trees that are slowly turning from green to orange to yellow. The leaves falling, in preparation for the winter. I have always felt that Eindhoven is at its most beautiful in this weather. If you take away the strange spurs of rain, the entire city feels as though it is blushing at us.

Coming from a tropical country that pretty much only experiences lots of heat and rain, the autumn season always fascinated me. As a student, I would walk to Fontys hearing the leaves rustling under my feet and think to myself how beautiful this must look to a voyeur. However, this exact time also marks the season of a lot of individuals falling sick and of course the first round of exams for the year.

As I spent the last five days cooped up at home, drinking scorching hot tea, I have been reminiscing on this time four years ago as a student. The strange combination of admiration for the changing weather but also sudden panic of feeling fatigued and unwell and stressed with the pressure of doing well in the first round of exams. If you find yourself in this position or know someone in this position: give them a hot cup of tea and breathe in the fresh autumn air. Enjoy the colours in and around you because I truly believe ‘tis the season to be jolly. Feel better everyone and good luck with the exams!

Rina Manjrekar (22) is a previous student Mechatronics at Fontys School of Engineering. After graduating cum laude last summer, she now tries to find her way in the 'real' world. Here you can find her earlier columns for Bron.

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