Survey: how do you experience diversity at Fontys?

What do students and staff at universities think about diversity and inclusion? Do you feel at home at Fontys, or do you feel increasingly less welcome? Take part in our survey!

Bron, along with nearly all other media publications at Dutch universities, is investigating diversity policy in higher education. But we need your help: please complete this survey – it will take about 10 minutes of your time.

Twenty magazines at research universities and universities of applied sciences have joined forces and created a survey that is being distributed at each participating institution. In total, around half a million staff and students in the Dutch higher education sector will have the chance to take part in this survey. The survey on diversity and inclusion is an initiative of the Kring van Hoofdredacteuren Hoger Onderwijs Media (Circle of Editors-in-Chief of Higher Education Media).

Too much or not enough?
Ries Agterberg, president of the Circle, explains why this theme was chosen: “In a recent lecture, the Minister of Justice and Security said that wokeness at universities is a threat to academic freedom. Is that the case? To what extent do staff and students think diversity policy is necessary, and how far can you take diversity policy? Is higher education going too far, or is it not moving fast enough?"

"Our aim in conducting this survey is to find out what staff and students think about diversity and inclusion and how they feel about the policies at their institution.”

The survey also provides the opportunity for participants to share their personal experiences. 

And the study is broader than just this survey. The participating media are also examining the policies at research universities and universities of applied sciences. How much time and money is spent on diversity and inclusion, and what are the key issues and discussions?

Bron will be publishing the results of the investigation at the end of this year. 

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