Niels wants to see some changes in the world

Meet Niels Witters, a second year Business Administration student at Fontys. As a young boy he made a plan and he is determined to stick to it: he wants to be the boss or manager of a company.

Niels Witters“I have already mapped out my plan for the future. After I finish my studies I want to work as a consultant. I’ve wanted that since I was little. 

I’ve always known that I want to become a boss or manager of a company, although I have to admit I’m not sure yet in which direction I want to go. I have not yet made the final choice between operations and consultancy. Fortunately, there is such a thing as internships. 

I’m not worried about finding a good job. That part will be fine. I am more concerned about the housing shortage. I now live in a student house, but I am searching for a private studio in Eindhoven or Tilburg. An impossible quest, as it seems.

One day I hope to end up in a nice rental home, but I don’t dare to look that far ahead yet. Let alone dream about buying a house. I have a large student debt and will therefore not be able to get a nice mortgage. I worry about that a lot.

Just like I worry about the world, especially the economic world. With the war between Russia and Ukraine, I’m afraid we’re getting into more and more trouble. If we keep on going like we do now… We simply can’t keep up with that. And also the field of sustainability: that has to change.

In ten years I hope to live in a beautiful house with a nice partner, somewhere in Brabant. I’ll have a good job and I don’t have to worry about anything financially. And if I’m very lucky, I’ll even have my own house.” [Karen Luiken]

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