Isabel wants to postpone adult life as long as possible

She hopes to graduate in a year and a half. After that, a future full of possibilities opens up to her. Yet Isabel Verheggen, a 22 year old student Communication, has no idea what she wants to do next. Only that she does not want a full-time job just yet.

Isabel Verheggen“I don’t feel like I’m ready for a full-time job. That’s because I did an internship and found out that it’s very tough to work from 9 to 5. I struggled with that every day of my internship.

Don’t get me wrong: I had a nice internship, but I was in my second year and already was given a lot of responsibilities. When I got home in the evening, I still received emails and had to make some calls. What am I doing here? That’s what I was wondering every single day.

Luckily, I don’t have to do another internship. Instead, I have to freelance a year for school. I like that, because then you can approach the people and companies at your own pace. You only do things that you like doing.

I love the freedom I have now: going to school in the afternoon and working a few hours on weekends. I try to postpone adult life as long as possible. I don’t worry about money. Yet. I still live at my parents and therefore have almost no fixed costs. I don’t have plans to live on my own, but maybe I’ll change my mind if I get into a serious relationship.

In the distant future I hope there will be no more wars. I hope that one day I’m ready for a full-time job and that I’ll find one with not too much work pressure and nice colleagues. Also, I hope that I will be able to buy a nice house, preferably somewhere around Eindhoven." [Karen Luiken]

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