'I worry about my country and my people'

Andrii Kutsiak (20) is a third year student Mechatronics. He is from Ukraine, so it is not hard to image what his worries are about. Not much has changed since he talked to Bron about the war in his home country. But he is happy that his mother, his sisters and his dog are now here in Holland. 

“As for my wishes, I only have one: that I may never loose the fire I have inside me.  I love the passion and the ‘views’ I have to work on my ideas and goals, and I hope that I will never run out it.

Those ideas and goals for the future are all about working on companies and technologies that I invented myself. I want to create my own companies, design and shape my own ideas. Mostly they are about energy. 

I would like to catch lightning. There is no technology for that yet. It is unpredictable, yes, but also very powerful. A good storm with lightning will produce enough energy to supply a big city for a full day.  

Oh, I and also want to do something with energy for cars. And do the design on those cars. Not the ugly futurism that is so typical of Tesla's.  

Of course, I worry about my country. How long it will be affected by the war after that war ends. And it will end. We will win, I have no doubts about that. But there already is a lot of destruction: the infrastructure, the villages and cities. I hope to contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine and by helping to restore the infrastructure. 

Do I worry about my family? Yes. But not just because of the war. I always worry about my family, on a daily basis. Because I care a lot about them and I want them to be safe and happy and healthy." [Jan Ligthart]




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