Hannah loves her student life for now

Not many young people are interested in politics these days. Hannah Kristalijn, fourth year student Journalism, is an exception to that rule. She followed the local elections in Tilburg closely and made a few podcasts about it.

Hannah Kristalijn“I was shocked about the turnout at the elections. I believe it was around 40 percent. I think that’s crazy, because it’s really important that people know what’s going on in the city hall and vote. After all, it concerns all of us. 

For Omroep Tilburg and BANK15 I collaborated on a podcast about the local elections. Our aim was to make politics more easy to understand for young people. For example, we explained the differences between right-wing and left-wing politics. 

In future life I want to work as an investigative journalist. Not that it pays well, but I like the dynamics of the job. Altough you hear a lot about threats and intimidation these days, I am not too worried about the safety of working as a reporter.

What I am worried about is if I will find a job at all. Most work in journalism is freelance nowadays, that makes my future somewhat uncertain. Will I be able to pay my bills? Can I afford a mortgage on a house?

But for now I don’t worry too much. I still have one year left of my bachelor’s degree. And after I graduate I want to get a master’s degree. Maybe in data analytics or digital culture. Interesting fields of expertise.

The next few years I will continue my student life whatsoever. Study a bit, party a bit and maybe work a bit. That’s the life for me. [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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