Danique loves to travel and see the world


Education is an important stepping stone to a future life. How does a student at Fontys look upon that future? What are his or her wishes and worries about life after graduation?

Danique van den Bosch (21) loves to travel. In the future the third year student Commercial Economics - Digital Business Concepts hopes to combine her love of travel and her work. For her, that would be a dream come true.

"After my studies I would like to work as a webdesigner. I’m a creative person and like to tackle everything from webdesign to online marketing consultancy. At the moment I am doing my internship at Kwaaijongens, a company for online marketing. A great place to learn more about marketing and webdesign.

But I also want to travel. That’s why I did a foreign minor in Mexico in 2021. This experience gave me the opportunity to find myself. I grew as a person and also business wise I made big steps. I loved my time in Guadalajara. I really improved my English and Spanish and saw a lot of Mexico. It was a great adventure.

Being in Mexico on my own made me realise that I want to see so much more of the world. I really love to travel and learn more about other cultures. South Africa is high on my list of countries I want to visite in the next few years. Maybe one day I can combine travelling and work. That would be perfect for me.

For now I’m happy at my internship. Next year I hope to finish my studies at Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy and find a job. That should not be too difficult because there is a lot of work for marketers. It seems I’ve chosen the right studies. Furthermore I don’t worry too much. I always see the bright side of things. That’s in my nature." [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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