Danique loves to travel and see the world

Danique van den Bosch (21) loves to travel. In the future the third year student Commercial Economics - Digital Business Concepts hopes to combine her love of travel and her work. For her, that would be a dream come true.

"After my studies I would like to work as a webdesigner. I’m a creative person and like to tackle everything from webdesign to online marketing consultancy. At the moment I am doing my internship at Kwaaijongens, a company for online marketing. A great place to learn more about marketing and webdesign.

But I also want to travel. That’s why I did a foreign minor in Mexico in 2021. This experience gave me the opportunity to find myself. I grew as a person and also business wise I made big steps. I loved my time in Guadalajara. I really improved my English and Spanish and saw a lot of Mexico. It was a great adventure.

Being in Mexico on my own made me realise that I want to see so much more of the world. I really love to travel and learn more about other cultures. South Africa is high on my list of countries I want to visite in the next few years. Maybe one day I can combine travelling and work. That would be perfect for me.

For now I’m happy at my internship. Next year I hope to finish my studies at Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy and find a job. That should not be too difficult because there is a lot of work for marketers. It seems I’ve chosen the right studies. Furthermore I don’t worry too much. I always see the bright side of things. That’s in my nature." [Ivo van der Hoeven]

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