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Winter fortress

Rina Manjrekar (2)Let’s talk about something generic: the Dutch weather. Both the Dutch people and internationals love discussing the weather, mostly because it has such a strong unpredictable personality. It also does not just stop at that. After moving to the Netherlands from a tropical country I realized for the first time that the weather could severely affect my mood and well-being.

Now, I do not know how accurate this is, and I am no doctor, but I do believe my first year here I went through something called weather depression. I counted 18 days, 18 consecutive days with not a ray of sunshine. I would wake up in the dark, eat lunch in the dark, get back home in the dark. 

I was lost. I was in a constant state of fatigue and misery. I did not understand why. I did not want to meet anyone or leave my room,  and most days I did not even want to grab a nice hot shower. I felt like another person.

I realize a lot of the students who come here from overseas, especially tropical countries, may experience this to some degree. Please believe me, you are not alone. I assure you even Dutch people feel this way. 

Any spectrum of distress you feel that matches the grey skies, can be communicated with your teachers, your friends, or anyone who will listen. Take the necessary steps to check your mood, try to build a routine and if nothing works, seek out professional help. Take it from me, hiding in your winter fortress, as warm as it may be is not a safe haven. I promise you the sunshine will come soon

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Bedankt voor uw bericht.
Inge van de Vorst
Your blog is a big bundle of sun rays, Rina.
Thank you for reading and always supporting, Inge!