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The subtle art of student life

Eindhoven city, in its present moment, is a place bustling with life and energy from its newest guests: the students of the academic year of 2021-2022. As I move on to the next stage of my life, I cannot help but feel reminiscent of the new school year. The excitement of meeting new people, getting new schedules, planning new parties.

Perhaps in a rudimentary ‘back-in-my-day’ way, this column is just a message to all the new students to enjoy their upcoming student life.

Walking the line between being an adult and being a student is really very fine, especially here in the Netherlands. However, I have come to realize the four years spent in the halls of Fontys will forever be a part of my treasure chest of happy ‘childlike’ memories.

Do not misunderstand me, they were not all happy moments – but looking back on them, there was a certain simplicity and honesty in those moments, that I am unsure I will ever again possess. There was a naivety of the minimalism of life, there was a strange, unique energy that drove all of us to live in the moment.

The years of your student life will by far be the most reckless, carefree years of your life to come. I feel the need to encourage everyone to make the most of it. I feel the need to say to my peers to try new things. Explore new places. Meet new people. Push your boundaries. Because the safety of your school and school friends, is the best place to explore your discomforts and understand yourself.

Coming out of school there will be more money but less time, more opportunities but less courage, more wisdom but less carefreeness.

I for one strive to be the person I was back in school. Even with only a few months behind me, I have started to notice the changes, the allure of a mundane life. There are days I wake up with exasperation towards it, but there are also days I value not having to worry about spending an extra fifty euros in a restaurant.

In the end, all of life is holding a good balance. But your student life, living your best student life, is a subtle art.

Rina Manjrekar (22) is a previous student Mechatronics at Fontys School of Engineering. After graduating cum laude in July 2021, she now tries to find her way in the 'real' world. Here you can find her earlier columns for Bron.

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