Sara van Lieshout: 'I want to start saving money'


Education is an important stepping stone to a future life. How does a student at Fontys look upon that future? What are his or her wishes and worries about life after graduation?

Sara van Lieshout is a third year Communications student. She both dreams and worries a lot about the future. And she can't wait to start a real job. 

"I think about my future quite a lot. For starters because right now I cannot save money. That is why I can’t wait to finish my study and start a job. So I will be able to put money aside.

My study debt is not very large. I still live with my parents. But I would like to have my own place and be financially independent.

For that matter: I do worry about the division in society that is created by the fact that, if their children want to buy a house, the parents are allowed to make e tax-free donation of up to €100.000.

Not every parent has that kind of money. So I am afraid that we will see more and more neighbourhoods where either richer or poorer people live. Whereas I prefer a mix of both in one and the same residential area.

Money is important, but it’s not everything. Having fun in what you do, is by far the most important. I hope it will be easy to find a job. I am really eager to start working. If the labour market stays the same as it is now, that should not be a problem.

I have a side job. It is a clerical job, one that I cannot see myself doing another 30 years. I want to work in my field of expertise, communication. No, I do not have a preference in regard to the kind of employer I would like to have.

Last year I did an internship at a hospital. That was exciting. But not because of corona. I actually worked in another building, not in the hospital itself. And when I started my internship, the measures regarding corona were actually getting relaxed because back then things were looking up.

However, I did get to see through people I know personally what the effects of corona are. Not just the health effects, but also the social ones. How isolated some people became because of the lockdown. So one of the wishes I have is that we do not have to go back to those kind of measures.” [Jan Ligthart]

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