“I don’t worry too much about my future”

Amin Abou Sena is in his second year of Business Administration in Eindhoven. When he'll finish this study, he is determined to continue his student life. A master of Information Management. That's his future plan at the moment.

“What I'm sure about is that I want to work with data. I find that very interesting. Keeping myself busy with visualization and dashboards. For example: companies send me data and I will structure it by visualizing it with pictures. Currently I don’t have a job in this branche. I work in transportation and deliver packages.

In three years time, after my graduation, there are two options: either I’m in my master’s degree or I’m at work.

Maybe I’m still looking for a job. And where do I see myself in ten years? Then I’m a 33 year old millionaire. No, just kidding. I think by then I’ll have a job, or maybe even my own business. I don't have that ambition yet, but I'm not ruling it out either. It's not that I've had that wish from since I was a kid -as a young boy I wanted to be a professional football player- but we'll see.

I don’t worry too much about my future. I’m not too worried about corona on a business level either. All the work I do can be done from home.

The only thing I do worry about is the housing shortage. I would like to rent a house in the future. As a muslim, buying a house in this country not allowed because of earning interest. If there was an Islamic way to buy a house, I would. In Engeland, for example, it is possible to get a Halal mortgage, but in the Netherlands that’s still a long way to go.”
[Karen Luiken]

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