Don’t forget to live day by day, says Karlijn

Karlijn ten Cate (24) is a fourth-year Journalism student in Tilburg. With a graduation date scheduled this November, she is preparing for a freelance career as an investigative journalist and photographer. At the same time, she likes to keep living day by day.

Karlijn ten Cate“During a minor in photography, I discovered the power of images: how to tell a story in a visual way. It immediately became clear to me that I wanted to develop that further. 

For my internship I am currently finishing a report on the housing shortage among young people. I’m researching figures and backgrounds, and write accompanying texts. 

But the image, the photo, must ultimately stand out and make the problem of these people acutely clear. For example, that they are forced to live in a room at their parents’ house, when they actually want to spread their wings. You can really capture someones mood.

Difficult market
After graduating, I want to freelance at the intersection of investigative journalism and photojournalism. I know of course that this is a small specialty in an already difficult market. But I am building a network now, talking to professional photographers and finding out the ropes. 

In any case, I refuse to worry in advance that I might not make enough money. If necessary, I simply add other disciplines, such as writing.

Little influence
I live day by day. Frankly, I’m not too concerned about the current state of the world. What can I add to all that has already been written and said about the war in Ukraine? As an individual you have so little influence. 

And as far as covid is concerned, I think we can all agree this is not the last pandemic that will hit us. There are always problems and challenges to face. All the more reason to try and live by the day.” [Frank van den Nieuwenhuijzen]

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