Corona made Jeroen redo his internship, but he’s fine with it

Education is an important stepping stone to a future life. How do students at Fontys look upon that future? What are their wishes and worries about life after graduation?

Jeroen Annik staandIf everything proceeds according to plan, Jeroen Annik will be a teacher German language in about 1,5 years. It could have been one year earlier, but corona threw a spanner in the works.

“I love being a teacher, especially because of the  contact with the pupils. Despite that, last year I’ve stopped my internship at a secondary school. Because of corona I had to give my lessons online. It was too difficult to prove my advance in my portfolio. Together with many fellow students, I've decided to redo my internship this year. I’m fine with that, though I will have to pay a year extra tuition fee. 

I’m sure in ten years’ time somebody will introduce an education plan for secondary school with one or two days online teaching. But I prefer lessons in real life. It’s hard enough to catch the attention of pupils in the age of twelve to sixteen years old. 

After I finish school, I’d like to stay in the village I live right now: Udenhout, or nearby. I like the silence and nature. As a teacher I will have a nice salary, but that won’t be enough to buy a house. Like many others I'm concerned about that. 

Off course the climate change worries me too. Hopefully the new government will make a difference. But we must be realistic. It’s not possible to quickly change a society of 17 million people living on fossil energy. 

Anyway, I’m not somebody who worries too much. I live by the day. My great passion is geography. I want to make a world trip, experience other cultures and explore mountains. And I also intend to follow a part-time study to become a geography teacher as well.” [Petra Merkx] 

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