Charlotte wants to improve the world by positive thinking

Charlotte is a second-year student International Business in Venlo. She lives in Germany and travels everyday between her house and her education in Venlo. Something that she doesn’t mind at all, because travelling is something that suits her well.

“In ten years I see myself married and living in a cottage with a lot of rescued animals. I’d love to live nearby a shore or coast, but in which country that will be is still up for debate. I still haven’t seen much other countries yet, but I’m surely planning to travel a lot when I’m done graduating. With those goals in mind I’l definitely find myself a nice country to live in.

I’d love to live close by the sea, because the sound and the vibe it creates really comforts me. I can’t even describe the feeling it gives me. It’s not that I need a lot of comforting, because I think things will always work out, on every level.

CharlotteThat said, there are quite some things that I worry about for now. For example our environment and the mental state of people. That is something I’d like to work with when I finish school as well. I’d love to start or be part of an NGO. That means that I can dedicate my time and efforts in a non-governmental organization, which focuses on the social good.

That last thing is something I truly care about. That’s why I also try to tackle every challenge with a positive state of mind. Something more students should have, but I do realise that this can be difficult. To achieve that state myself, I had numerous conversations with coaches within Fontys. From them I learned that it is important to keep talking with one another. We should share our concerns, our goals and any other major topics that cross our minds.

If we keep doing that, we will lift the barriers on certain topics and we will give ourselves the opportunity to figure everything out and becoming a better version of ourselves. I already started with it. Within three years I will graduate and pursue my dreams somewhere abroad. What those dreams will be exactly is still up for debate. But I’m really sure of one thing: I will have a positive influence on the world. Even if that means that I only positively changed the life of one person. That would already affirm that I did something good.” [Noëlle van den Berg]

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